My Shots App

Nowadays, more than taking pictures, we receive many pictures. And anyone who has an iPhone (or an iPad) knows how messy the camera roll can get.

It was thinking about this problem that My Shots appeared - a simple application that scans the entire camera roll and creates a new album, only with the photos and videos that were taken on your Apple device.

Simulation of two iPhones: one with the camera roll messy and the other with the album showing only the photos taken on that phone.

1: The mess and the expected result

How it all began

Márcio Marinho, CTO of Joyjet, was very uncomfortable in the way his iPhone organized the photos and, discussing with some friends, he realized that this problem also affected other people. He came up with a super simple solution, organizing his photos in an album (see figure 1) and brought this challenge to me and Mikeias Nascimento, iOS developer of the team.

With a super short window of time, there was no room for many discoveries and research, which we believe is not a big problem, considering the simplicity of the project.

We sat down for a first alignment and defined that:

  • The application would have a relationship close to that of an antivirus application;
  • It would need to be as simple as pressing a button;
  • It would have a unique identity with animated details.


First access

We brought the situational explanation into the application. During the first use, the user is guided by carousel about the problem and the solution addressed.

Simulation of the 3 application welcome cards

2: Application welcome steps


We developed some animated details so that the result would be more attractive in its operation.

Animation of application operation

3: Application operation


The project would only be considered completed when it was in the App Store, so we are concerned with producing the presentation images of the application. Between daily development and testing, we built the message that would be passed on to the app store.

Viewing the presentation images of the app for the App Store

4: Simulation of images for the App Store


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Márcio Marinho

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